LEVANOX® Yellow 3910 LF

LEVANOX® Yellow 3910 LF is an aqueous solvent-free non-ionic pigment preparation of inorganic pigments. All formulations are nonylphenol-ethoxylate free and do not contain any binders nor fillers. Tailored dispersants assure good compatibility and long-term storage stability. Aqueous pigment dispersions from LANXESS combine high performance with easy dosing and mixing characteristics, without the need for a lengthy grinding process. Due to their small particle size and pigment content, LEVANOX® LF products develop the best color strength, gloss, transparency and intensity with low dosage.

Product Group:
Pigment Preparation
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The product is available in plastic drums (lid). For further information please contact our representative in your country or send an enquiry by e-mail to: colorants@lanxess.com